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(877) 760-1967 Coil Spring Services
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(866) 733-9921 House Calls Home Inspection
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(866) 906-8903 Moore Flooring
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(844) 389-4299 Custom Living Developments
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Tree Service in 14606
"Jon is a very friendly good person to deal with. Goes above and beyond. Great job "
-- David G. of Rochester, NY
Bean Designs
Handyman Services in 14612
"I was very pleased with the work done and I would recommend their service."
-- John I. of Rochester, NY
R.M. Krasinski Refinishing
Powdercoating in 14580
"Bob was great! Explained every phase as it was being completed. Cleaned everything after he was done. Very honest!"
-- Pedro L. of Webster, NY

for Rochester

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Rec Room
Converted existing unfinished basement into a fully functional family entertainment room.
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Medallion Inlay
This is an example of the custom inlay work we can do.
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